Zigong Lantern Group
Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)
Main Products:Chinese Lantern Festival,LED lantern art,Chinese Lanterns,Animal Lanterns,Flower Lanterns
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Zigong Lantern Group Showcase video of factory production inside Zigong, Sichuan China.  This video demonstrates our ability to focus exclusively on custom design, and highest levels of quality and order inside our organization.  We produce the highest quality Chinese Lanterns in the industry, and we have more international Chinese Lantern Festival exhibitions than any other production company.  

Fluent English and Chinese Speakers

Custom Design Pre Fabrication
Custom Designing prior to fabrication of Chinese Lantern sets, and Chinese lanterns with lights, LED
Welding and Steel Frame Bending
Welding the steel frame for Chinese Lanterns, LED.
Silk Cloth Placement
Placing silk cloth over the steel frame exterior, for Chinese lanterns, and Chinese lanterns with LED lights
Painting and Artistic Elements
Painting and the inclusion of artistic elements and final touch to add more fine detail to our quality of producing Chinese lanterns.
Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping from our factory inside Zigong, to any location worldwide. Shipping domestic and international.